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Earn a Minor in Native American Studies

Like the faculty in our program, NAS students are also diverse in their academic orientation. Students complete the 18-credit minor in Native American Studies to complement their major (such as history, political science, psychology, English, business, nursing, etc.) or as one of the three minors in a Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS) degree. Others take NAS courses as electives to supplement their study at either the undergraduate or graduate level. Students enrolled in WVU’s Regent’s Bachelor of Arts may opt for the RBA Area of Emphasis in NAS.

The minor’s three required courses are: NAS 200: Introduction to Native American Studies; ENGL 156: Literature of Native America; and HIST 264: American Indian History. Each of these three may be used to fulfill university-wide GEC (general education curriculum) requirements toward graduation.

In addition, minors complete a minimum of 9 upper-division credits (300- or 400-level). Some students earn NAS credit for completing faculty-supervised independent study and/or professional field experience.

WVU Native American Studies minors have applied their NAS education in a variety of successful professional roles, serving as educators, artists, researchers, interpreters at historical sites, engineers, legal consultants, in health care, and so on. NAS alumni are encouraged to remain in contact with the Program and receive announcements invitations of special events.

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