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Tyler Boulware, Ph.D.

Program Committee

Adjunct Associate Professor of History

Much of Boulware’s teaching and research in early American history deals with Native Americans, empires, and encounters. He structures both his undergraduate and graduate courses to situate Indigenous peoples at the center of colonial American history. His book, Deconstructing the Cherokee Nation: Town, Region, and Nation among Eighteenth-Century Cherokees (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2011), explores the localism and regionalism of Cherokee political life while also detailing Cherokee nation-building efforts during the eighteenth century. Boulware’s subsequent book project is currently titled Next to Kin: Native Americans and Friendship in Early America. This manuscript reveals how Native American understandings of friendship helped to solidify personal relationships and inter-group alliances throughout North America, and how these ideas about friendship and its obligations also contributed to the violence that erupted between individuals and communities.