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Robert “Bob” Pirner


Pirner has taught about the art, politics, history, religion, social problems, and culture of the Lakota people of the Northern Plains. He was a 30-year resident of the Rosebud Lakota Reservation in South Dakota and a tribal college administrator. He is one of an estimated 6,000 living speakers of the Lakota language, having learned it as a child in Spring Creek Community. He describes himself as a family man, small town guy, former non-profit executive and mentor. In the words of his Lakota relatives, "Ikche Wichasa he miye" (just an average guy).

Courses Taught:
Lakota Studies
Lakota Wisdom: Lessons from the Elders and the Land
Native American Filmmakers
Powwow Studies
Akicita: Warrior Spirit, Courage, and Community
Introduction to Native American Studies
Working in Indian Country