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To complete the NAS minor, students must earn a grade of C or better in all courses.

Courses required:

NAS 200: Intro. to Native American Studies (satisfies GEF 7/GEC 4 or 9)
  • Addresses historical and contemporary Native American issues, with attention to the diversity of North American tribes, federal policies impacting American Indians, pervasive stereotypes, and cultural preservation as an element of indigenous resistance and resiience.

ENGL 156: Literature of Native America Literature of Native America (satisfies GEF 6/GEC 5 or 9)

HIST 264: American Indian History (satisfies GEF 5/GEC 3 or 7)

Students must also complete nine upper-division credits, choosing courses such as the following:

NAS 493: Special Topics Courses (1-3 credits) such as:
NAS 491: Professional field Experience
NAS 495: Independent Study
NAS 499: Global Service Learning


ENGL 356: Topics in Native American Literature (The Hollywood Indian—a film retrospective)
ENGL 387: Topics in Women’s Literature (Native American Women Writers and/or Indigenous Women Writers

POLS 355: Governments of Latin America

Students should consult with the NAS coordinator to learn about other courses of interest and opportunities for additional academic exploration of Native American topics (such as HIST 442: 18th Century American History, ART HIST 307: Native American Visual Culture, etc.).