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Special Topic Courses

NAS 493A Criminal Justice in Indian Country SPRING 2024

  • 3-Credits
  • CRN:17956
  • Meets ONLINE, Tuesdays 6:00-8:50pm
  • criminal justice in Indian Country class flier

Sovereign Native Nations FALL 2023   

  • 3-Credits
  • CRN:88869 
  • Meets Tuesday and Thursday, 4-5:15pm 
The three credit upper-division seminar course is integrated with the Fall 2023 NAS forum, "This Land Was Already Loved: Native Leaders Discuss their Nations' Connection to Place." The class will challenge students to consider the historic and modern-day influences that have threatened or reinforced tribal sovereignty for the more than 570 federally-recognized American Indian and Alaska Native Nations. Students will read and discuss contemporary case studies, hear presentations by Native leaders, and explore how sovereignty is supported through the efforts of such groups as the Native American Rights Fund, the National Congress of American Indians, the Indian Land Tenure Foundation, the National Indian Child Welfare Association, the National Indian Gaming Association., et al. 

The instructor will facilitate class dicussions and guest lectures centering on Native Nations' sovereignty in the era of self-determination and examining governance and leadership within the nations. Students will explore how sovereignty is inextricably intertwined with overall human rights, economics, health, environmental concerns, cultural preservation, etc. Each student will choose a particular area of interest and research the most important current issues relative to the course emphasis: indigenous soveriegnty. (Class counts for NAS minor and WVU electives.)

Class instructor: Bonnie Brown, NAS Program Coordinator,
Image of filer for 493A includes a photo of a large group of attendees to the 2022 White House Tribal National Summit. They are standing in front of the Department of Interior building.